Secure Teletherapy & Video Counseling in Colorado

Online Teletherapy and Video Counseling for individuals in Colorado using a secure, HIPAA-compliant, online telemedicine platform.

What is Teletherapy?

The American Psychological Association defines teletherapy or telecounseling (also referred to as telehealth, telepsychology or telemental health) as the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies. This includes the use of telephones, mobile devices, and interactive videoconferencing via computers or tablets as a way to connect with your therapist or mental health provider remotely.

The recent self-isolation and sheltering in place as a product of Covid-19 has amplified stress, anxiety, fear, and depression in many and video counseling has quickly become an important lifeline and resource in getting individuals the support they need. Thankfully there is ample research to support telecounseling delivered by phone and by video as being as effective as in-person therapy in the treatment of a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, and other disorders.

We use a HIPAA compliant video platform that allows clients to see the therapist, and for the therapist to see the client, without them having to leave the comfort of their home. This use of interactive teletherapy allows for the most authentic interaction and is the most similar to in-person psychotherapy.

Advantages of Teletherapy

Some advantages of online teletherapy:

  • Greater sense of comfort and less inhibition for individuals that feel more secure and at ease doing treatment sessions in their home
  • Improved access to treatment by bringing services to those living in remote areas or to individuals who are housebound due to illness, physical limitations, disabilities or agoraphobia
  • Greater convenience and reduced travel time for individuals who struggle to fit treatment sessions into their busy schedules
  • Continuity of care for individuals who travel often or whose schedules change frequently

Video-based counseling does come with some disadvantages and is not the right mode of treatment for everyone. Let’s discuss together whether teletherapy makes sense based on your goals, and your preferred means of connecting with your therapist.

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